A taboo to be aware of when playing chess

1. Avoid disputes and not let Some people chess competitive, often for a soldier a fight, and even the argument, not to give, this will make the sympathetic excitability increased, tachycardia, blood pressure rises, myocardial ischemia. Old people with high blood pressure or latent coronary heart disease may suddenly have an accident and lead to misfortune.

Play chess should take rest as the premise, entertainment for the purpose, so, do not contend, think of it as a virtual on the line.

2. Avoid the choice of venues Good chess, often do not choose the venue, or squat in the roadside, or sit on the floor, or stretched the neck to view its outcome, let dust, wind blowing, still two eyes watching the board, fighting "sand" field.

In addition, the pieces through contact with many people, easy to be a variety of bacteria pollution and become the source of transmission, mercifully, mouth, will harming health.