Biblebanz Card Game

Biblebanz Game (2013) Gameplay 2–6 Players 60 Min Playing Time Age: 7+

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Biblebanz Game (2013)

Gameplay 2–6 Players

60 Min Playing Time

Age: 7+ 



Biblebanz is a game that when played will increase Bible knowledge, vocabulary, and perhaps the faith of all who participate. There exist many card games for enhanced learning. A unique feature of this card game is that it consists of plastic adjustable headbands worn on the foreheads of each player. This feature makes it fun and exciting to learn about the Bible. More specifically this game relates to a method of learning about people, places and things found in the Bible in a fun and unique way. It has been said that a family that prays together stays together. I would also like to think that a family that plays together stays together. Therefore, it is the purpose of this game to bring goups of people together in the form of family, friends, or other small groups to learn about the Bible in this fun unique way, increasing ones Bible knowledge, vocabulary, and their faith in the Bible and in God. Churches and Sunday school teachers are always looking for new, fun and creative ways to teach their students about the Bible. This game will satisfy that need.

Each Biblebanz game comes with 6 headbands, 94 Bible cards, 6 blank cards, 24 chips and a timer.

This game is a game for the whole family for ages 7 and up. It is for 2 to 6 players. The Biblebanz Game Cards features things found in the Bible. Examples are: animals, food, people and bible objects. Examples are: Jesus, Noah, Ark, Fig tree, apple, church and so forth. The cards are simple enough for the whole family to join in on the fun. Each round only lasts one minute. At the start of the round you have to start the sand timer. As the time runs out, the player whose turn it is must ask yes or no questions to figure out what his card is. This will help to increase your Bible knowledge and Bible vocabulary. It's very entertaining to say the least. There are 6 blank cards to be used with a dry erase marker. These blank cards are great for young children who need easy words or Bible schoolars who want harder words to figure out. You can write whatever word you want out of the Bible on them. You will never run out of words to use this way.

Rules Of The Game:

The rules of Biblebanz are simple. Each player is dealt a single card and three chips. The player's must then place the card on their headband without looking. The youngest player goes first. Then, play passes to the left. Set the one minute timer. Next, start asking questions in yes or no format. If you've found out your identity, you just ask, "Am I ________?" Fill in the blank with what you think you are. For each identity that you guess correctly, you discard one of your chips. If you guess your identity before the one minute timer runs out, take another card and put it in your headband. If you do not guess your identity before the timer runs out, then keep it and continue to guess on your next turn. The person to get rid of all of his or her chips is the Biblebanz winner! It's so much fun!

Great for birthday parties, bridal showers, Christian retreats, sleep overs, children's church, youth groups, Bible study groups, and more!

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