Penny for Your Thoughts Card Game

Penny For Your Thoughts Gameplay 5–10 Players

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Penny For Your Thoughts

Gameplay 5–10 Players



From the game's website:

Unleash the fun in your festivities with this award-winning party game! Discover cool, fun things about yourself, those you’ve known for years, or those you just met with lots of hoots along the way!

Each player uses their personal answer dials to privately give their personal "Yes" or "No" response to the card read. Players then use the number wheel on the dial to privately answer how many total players in their party they think would answer "Yes" to the played card. See how everyone answered and let the fun begin!

The game is Penny for Your Thoughts! Players score custom party pennies with accurate predictions about what the other players thought about the card read and how many they thought would answer "Yes". First player to 10 pennies wins the round. Play again--because one round is never enough!

Makes for great inter-generational play with questions meant to bridge the generation gaps.


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