Question Quest the Language Card Game

Question Quest: The Language Card Game (2013) Gameplay 2–6 Players 30 Min Playing Time Age: 12+ DesignerSean Anderson, Patrick Reynolds ArtistAlice Carroll PublisherR.I.C. Publications

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Question Quest: The Language Card Game (2013)

Gameplay 2–6 Players

30 Min Playing Time

Age: 12+

DesignerSean AndersonPatrick Reynolds

ArtistAlice Carroll

PublisherR.I.C. Publications



From publisher:

Welcome to the world of Question Quest! It's a wondrous place where language learning happens amid adventure, excitement, and strategic gameplay.

Each turn players compete for Crystal Points by asking and answering questions in conversational English. But things get wild when Special Cards like "What's your answer?" and "Tell me more!" enter the mix! The Crystal Rush is on!

Question Quest is a card game for 2-6 players, playable in 20-40 minutes.

Players take turns asking each other questions in English. Players score points by answering questions correctly or by asking questions that their opponents answer incorrectly.

The game ends when the last card is drawn or at the end of the allotted time. The player with the most points is the winner!


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