The Opulent Card Game

The Opulent (2016) Gameplay 1–4 Players 30–90 Min Playing Time Age: 16+ DesignerCasey Willett, Aaron Yung ArtistAaron Yung PublisherBlack Locust Games

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The Opulent (2016)

Gameplay 1–4 Players

30–90 Min Playing Time

Age: 16+

DesignerCasey WillettAaron Yung

ArtistAaron Yung

PublisherBlack Locust Games



The 1920s — a time that is often referred to as the "Roaring Twenties", a boisterous period characterized by rapidly changing lifestyles, financial excesses, and the fast pace of technological progress. In 1919, the requisite number of legislatures of the States ratified the 18th Amendment to the Federal Constitution, enabling national Prohibition within one year of ratification. Prohibition began on January 16, 1920 when the Eighteenth Amendment went into effect. During this time, the sale, manufacture, and transportation (a.k.a. bootlegging) of alcoholic beverages was illegal throughout the United States. Federal Prohibition agents were given the task of enforcing the law. Even though the sale of alcohol was illegal, alcoholic drinks were still widely available at "speakeasies" and other underground drinking establishments.

Welcome to the Opulent, a posh speakeasy located in vibrant Atlantic City! In The Opulent 1-4 players are tasked with the operations of a successful nightclub during the historic Jazz Age. Each player takes on a distinct role that plays a vital part in the success — or failure — of the Opulent. Cater to the recognizable social classes of the 1920s. Politicians, mobsters, aristocrats, and social celebrities are all seeking a grand time in your club. Entertain your patrons with upbeat jazz tempos, or melodic waltzes, with the Opulent jazz band. Fancy the illegal indulgences of your patrons by preparing them an exotic mixed drink, a good whisky on the rocks, or even a simple brew. Pay lookouts to deter Federal Agents seeking to shut the club down. Hire flappers, a chanteuse, cocktail waitress, or other helpful hands and amenities to improve your club.

Manage the Opulent in ten scenarios dating from 1920-1929 during one of the most historic periods of U.S. history! Each scenario has a dollar value that is associated with the cost of operating The Opulent for that particular year. Players must have enough money in the club coffers to cover this cost in order to win the scenario if playing a single session game, or to progress to the next scenario if players are taking on the Opulent campaign.

With a focus on theme and history, "The Opulent" is a light cooperative asymmetrical game set during 1920's prohibition where players operate a campaign driven upscale speakeasy.


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