Healthy chess activities are beneficial to the health of the body

Healthy chess activities for people's physical and mental health is beneficial, but like playing mahjong and other chess activities are addictive, a lot of people in the small square town day and night, eat and sleep to kill, only to take its advantages, the body and mind are not restored, if the indoor air circulation is not smooth or people smoking, will be more health hazards. Over the years, some diseases will come to the door. Diligence activities: Every hour to play Mahjong, playing poker a long time, the spirit of high tension, easy to use the eye, suffering from dry eye disease, serious will also lead to vitreous hemorrhage, glaucoma and so on. Especially cataract patients, pay more attention to rest, to avoid emotional excitement.

Therefore, in carrying out all kinds of chess activities, must pay attention to regular rest, do not continue to "combat", to get up and rest every hour is appropriate, playing Mahjong is best to play a two or three laps to get up activities, to the distant view, to protect the eyes.