A Variety Of Simple And Easy To Learn Poker
Date: Aug 22, 2018

1.21 Points: 2 methods One, their own Republicans licensing, no matter how others shuffle, cut cards, as long as their own licensing can get a minimum of 20 points, but also can make the biggest betting one of the cards small, this method is a little pass, no practice, you can combat operations. Second, Jozhouzhong home licensing, can know how many points card dealer, decide whether they want cards.  You can turn your exploding cards into big-name.

2.10:30: Own Republicans licensing, no matter how other people cut the card, you can get a king more than 8 cards, and know that the following not issued the number of cards, you can control the big bet buyers have small cards. This method is easy to learn, without practice, you can combat.

3. Bullfighting: Oneself Republicans shuffle: Others cut the card, can obtain four to lay the maximum number of cards, can play color (call point). This technology for the new research results, than the original "Back to the Dragon", "set shop" and so many advanced, the winning ratio of 100%. Others Republicans, their bets, regardless of the five trump card to their hands is what points, can become a big, or even 10 points, experts called "Gold hook hanging."

4. Flush: No matter who licensing, you can know the number of cards, if they are boss can get 2 king of the required cards.

5. Run fast: No matter how others shuffle, cut the card, they can get 3 king or 4 King 2 and A such good cards.

6. Three public: Through the normal shuffle, can be arbitrarily cut by others, hand color (call point) can get the maximum number of cards, can also be 0 points, 1 points, 2 points to other people, even if the idea of small, can also win.