Board Games Benefits
Date: Aug 22, 2018

Desktop games not only for your leisure and entertainment, but also allows you to:

* Little can get toys, such childhood unavoidably leave a regret, * Out of negative emotions: modern people's learning, work pressure, life boring monotonous. and adult intelligence toy with its or simple or complex design, it is easy to let people fondle admiringly, in the laughing and joking release of pressure, alleviate fatigue, adjust mood, can be said to be around the psychologist.

Nearly 20% of young people in modern cities suffer from varying degrees of depression, the causes of this disease, mainly the mind entangled in work life difficulties and inferior, these interesting intelligence toys, just let people from the game to get a sense of success, transfer attention focus, equivalent to a psychological therapy. * Exercise your mind: A World Health Organization expert survey of 1000 young people and 1000 elderly people found that young people generally have 14 billion brain cells, the brain weighs about 1400 grams, and the age of 70 years old, the number of brain cells only youth 60%, brain weight also reduced by 200 grams. As a car to transport people prone to obesity, for those who live monotonous, addicted to television, VCD in the people, more often than other people who are more prone to brain "Alzheimer's disease." Therefore, the puzzle toys is also our mind fitness device, often hand-brain and can activate more brain cells, make people smarter.

Adult toys include mathematics, chemistry, physics and other disciplines of knowledge, people in the hand and the brain in conjunction with the brain and the body to move together. * Prevent premature aging: American medical expert Lauren Silk. The study found that people who started playing adult educational toys before the age of 50 the incidence of Alzheimer's disease is only 32% of the general population; 40 years old before playing adult educational toys, the incidence of Alzheimer's disease is only 12% of the general population: and from childhood to play puzzle toys, the incidence of less than the general population incidence of 1%.

Other medical experts found that some patients with mild Alzheimer's disease play adult educational toys, can slow down or even prevent the development of the disease, a few patients have a certain degree of mental recovery. * Enhance interpersonal communication: Through desktop games, people can train their thinking ability, memory, associative power and judgment. Desktop game is a person and person to play the game, through the game can learn how to get along with others, communication, emphasis on the level of intelligence and analytical computing ability challenges. Moreover, the desktop game to the player age difference request is not big, suitable and friends, colleagues play together to enhance the feelings between friends.

Through the game enhances the participant's thought and the logical reasoning ability, enables the game person to realize the various discipline theory application and in order to achieve the goal the strategy and the overall plan.

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