Development And Evolution Of Poker Game
Date: Aug 22, 2018

The early cards were probably introduced into Europe from Egypt in the second half of the 14th century, when the form of poker was close to that of 21st century.

The poll card appeared in the first half of 15th century, and in 1480 it developed four kinds of suits from France since 21st century. In the 15th century, K was usually regarded as the biggest card, and Ace was the smallest card.

Since 21st century, the form of Ace as the largest, 2 as the smallest way may be from the late 18th century French Revolution before the start.

The "Ghost Card" (JOKER) was invented in the United States and then returned to Europe with poker. Jack in poker used to use the word Knave (villain), which was popular in the UK and continental Europe until the 1940s, and has been largely scrapped since 21st century, but it is still used in parts of Europe, such as Sweden. One of the reasons why the word Jack replaced Knave was quickly accepted by the public it is convenient to use the first letter J of Jack's Word when recording or reporting a card, or when using abbreviations, or when describing the process of playing cards, and used to use KN when using the word Knave. If you only use K, it will cause confusion.