The Characters On The Poker
Date: Aug 22, 2018

Since 21st century the form of the internationally most popular French poker characters is as follows:

Four k respectively represent four kings: David (Spade K), Charles the Great or Charles VII (red), Alexander the Great (Plum Blossom k), Caesar (box K). The Black Peach K is the father of King Solomon of Israel in 10th century, David.

He was good at playing the harp and wrote many hymns in the Bible, so there was often a pattern of harp on King K, whose hair was outward-rolled. 

★ Red Hearts k is Charlemagne, King Frankish Kingdom, also known as Charlie the Great, the first to use a chisel on the board carved his characters like the craftsman, because the careless chisel slipped after the upper lip beard shaved off. Since then, the king of the Red Peach Cards are based on this picture as a specimen.

As a result, only the Red Peach has a beard of the King card, its hair inward roll, the sword held behind the head. 

★ The square k is Caesar, he is Rome's famous name and politician, unify Rome and become the dictator of Rome. His portrait of the coins on the Roman Empire was a silhouette.

Since then, in the four Kings K cards, only the king of the Red Square is the profile, its hair inward volume, hand-held bundle stick (fascist).

★ Plum Blossom K is the Alexander, his clothes are always wearing a cross jewelry, which is the king of Plum, the characteristics of the hair out of the volume.

The four q represent two women in the Bible, one goddess and one virtual person:

★ Goddess Pallas Athena (Spades Q), the only queen of the four Queen's Cards armed with arms;

★ Friends of the China (heart Q), is the Bible's "Friends of the German/Judah drop biography" in the main characters. 

★ Agine, Displaced by the word queen, plum blossom Q, red and white in the hands of the rose means: the British Lancaster Royal Red rose as a symbol, York Royal White rose as a symbol of the two royal rose after the war to achieve reconciliation, and the two sides of the Rose knot together.

★ Rachel or Anez Sol (box Q).

Four pieces of J represent four Knights respectively:

★ (Spade J): Ogier, a medieval heroic epic "Roland song" in the Charlemagne of the Great King of the 12 Latin, was blessed by the six fairy Prince of Denmark.

★ (Red Heart J): Rahail, 1390~1443, French commander in the Hundred Years War, the attendants of Charles VII, and his comrades in Joan of Arc. 

★ (Plum Blossom J): Lancelot, the first warrior of the Knights of the Round Table, his affair with the Queen Guinevere led to the war between him and King Arthur. Gentle, and quite brave, and ready to help others. He had set out to look for the Holy Grail, but his pride had made him unsuccessful. When the Queen began a fire trial, Lancelot launched an unnecessary battle to save her from the fire, which led to the division of the Knights of the Round table.

After the battle, Lancelot became a monk to confess his sins. 

★ (Box J): Who is the square J, the argument is different. Hector, son of Priam, Prince of Troy, brother of Paris. He was the first warrior of Troy, known as the "Wall of Troy." Finally, the duel with Achilles, died in each other's hands.

The servant of Charles I, Roland.