The Development Prospect Of Chess And Card Games
Date: Aug 22, 2018

1. Market Mobile 

Internet entertainment industry is growing, attracting a lot of game manufacturers transformation and investment. In the first half of 2012, the real sales of hand-travel market has reached 1.26 billion yuan, an increase of more than 50%. Tencent, the perfect, Shanda and other traditional end-travel manufacturers have begun to expand mobile end business.

In the functional machine era as hand tour half a day of chess game, now also actively expand the smart mobile terminal market.

2. The credibility of

Have you ever cheated on the player, whether you have changed the amount of the player's account and recorded the behavior, whether or not to delay or protest the withdrawal of the player's behavior.

3. Human bearing

Chess game popularity Evaluation, the number of players, the client is true, the player's active degree.

4. Data retention Density

Chess game operators can be a high degree of confidentiality of the player data, whether prior to the disclosure of player information experience and behavior.

5. Game Quality

Chess game server and the stability of the client, the audience of the game screen design.

6. Financial situation

The financial status of the game operators, the economic strength of the situation is good.

7. Game Items Available

The game is provided by the game is rich enough, whether to cater to the player's preferences.

8. Promotional activities

Whether the card player offers a new account to the newly opened user, whether the reward provided is directly available for the game, whether it will provide a special dividend on a particular game item, and whether it is a promise of a redemption standard.

9. Care for small players

Minimum deposit amount, game minimum limit, withdrawal minimum limit.