The Understanding Of The Game On The Table
Date: Aug 22, 2018

The term "table game" comes from the English board Game, also translated desktop games. BG, or "board game".

The meaning of the table game is similar to the tabletop game: it means all the games that can be played on the desktop or on a platform, different from sports or video games. Narrowly speaking, "Table game" is originally used to refer to the use of some indicators or objects on a particular board or disk (usually designed for a game) placed, removed or moved to play.

The most widely known representation of this type of game is: Tycoon (Monopoly/monopoly). But, broadly speaking, table games can also refer to a very broad game type. English also has tabletop game said, the broad sense of the table game meaning and tabletop game is similar: refers to all can be on the desktop or a person face-to-face on the platform to play the game, and sports or video games, the table game more attention to a variety of ways of thinking of the exercise, Language skills and EQ exercise, and do not rely on electronic equipment and electronic technology.

For example, these common games are the category of the table game: Mahjong, chess, Weiqi, Poker, the word card, hikes (Werewolf/lupus of Tabula), million-chi (Magic). Most of the time, people say that the table game is specific to the table games in the game, such games are usually made with a special map board, the use of a large number of props virtual multiple resources of production, trading and other flow processes, and closely integrated in a unified cultural background. Through this game, you can train people's thinking ability, memory, association, judgment, can learn how to get along with others, communication, emphasis on mutual intelligence and analytical computing ability challenge. Moreover, the table game to the player age difference request is not big, suits the family member to play together to enhance the family member's affection. Through the game enhances the participant's thought and the logical reasoning ability, enables the game person to realize the various discipline theories the application, and in order to achieve the goal to develop the detailed strategy and the overall plan.