What's The Color Of Poker?
Date: Aug 22, 2018

Poker is divided into four kinds of colors: spades, Hearts, clubs and squares. People all over the country to the national culture of four kinds of color to give different cultural exposition. The French understood the four colors as spears, hearts, cloves and squares; the Germans understood four colors as leaves, hearts, acorns and bells; the Italians interpreted four colours as swords, glasses, wands, and coins (four colours of the Tarot instrument); The Swiss have four colours as acorns, shields, flowers and bells. 

The British understood four colors as shovels, hearts, clover and diamonds. Why to use these four kinds of patterns, always say a lot. There are two of the following: One says that these four kinds of colors represent the four major industries of the society at that time, in which the spades represent spears, symbolizing the military; the plum blossom represents the three-leaf flower, symbolizing agriculture; the square represents the bricks used by the craftsman;

Another said that these four kinds of colors from the ancient European divination utensils used in the pattern, which represents the olive leaf, the symbol of peace, red hearts for the heart, symbolizing wisdom and love, the plum blossom for clover, means lucky, and diamonds shape, symbolic wealth.