• What are the common ways to classify board games?


    "In the winning thousands," The Chinese Chess, is the chess competition, is a kind of ability to grasp the chess game.

  • The moral of Poker


    The Chinese people will understand four kinds of colors as spring, summer, autumn, winter Four seasons;

  • The History of Poker


    Poker is also called Solitaire. There are many different ways of saying it, the most accepted of which is that the cards were first seen in China,

  • Common rules of Poker1


    At the table, there are some rules idiomatic the Convention.These rules are often derived from the prevention of cheating.

  • The basic meaning of poker


    Poker, refers to two meanings: one refers to the card (playing cards), and the other is to use the game props such as cards to play games,

  • Features of board games


    ⒈ game is usually designed for multiplayer games, generally for 2-8 people, a game of time generally in half an hour to two hours;

  • History of board games


    From the beginning of human civilization, there is the beginning of the game on the table.

  • What is the game on the table?


    Thesaurus (chess, card, puzzle) generally refers to the table game The table games originated in Germany and have been popular in Europe and America for decades.

  • Games need to pay attention to exertion


    Game time too long, will inevitably reduce the amount of activity, so that the function of the motion system decreases.

  • A taboo to be aware of when playing chess


    1. Avoid disputes and not let Some people chess competitive, often for a soldier a fight, and even the argument, not to give,

  • Healthy chess activities are beneficial to the health of the body


    Healthy chess activities for people's physical and mental health is beneficial, but like playing mahjong and other chess activities are addictive,