What are the common ways to classify board games?

1. Chinese Chess 

"In the winning thousands," The Chinese Chess, is the chess competition, is a kind of ability to grasp the chess game.

Chinese chess, give the player a more fair play space.

2. Shikoku chess 

Because you can not see the pieces, make it more challenging.

Chess game to support the four countries war, the relative two cooperation with the left and right side of the player confrontation, with the fun of fighting is other games can not be realized.

3. Chess 

Chess is one of the popular chess games in China.

When the four games, four people on the chessboard divided into two sides, the opposite of the two alliance with the other two against each other, fighting each other, when the game, the two parts occupy the upper and lower corners of the chessboard, fighting each other. The development of network technology to the four countries chess brought spring, some websites have launched Support online game of the four countries chess, more and more people joined the four countries war, Shikoku chess swept the country. At home, there is a chess from chess, called the International Chess.

Chinese Chess Academy in support of China's first Shikoku chess vertical portal-four countries chess network, the site is committed to chess of the world, professionalism, to create the world's most formal, the most authoritative chess exchange platform.

4. Gobang 

Gobang is a purely strategic chess game with two people playing chess.

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